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User Committee

As the number of production OpenStack deployments increase and more ecosystem partners add support for OpenStack clouds, it becomes increasingly important that the communities building services around OpenStack guide and influence the product evolution. The OpenStack User Committee mission is to:

If you are an OpenStack user, please take the OpenStack User Survey and join the mailing list to help the User Committee better define user requirements and serve the community. If you are interested in volunteering to help with User Committee efforts, please email the mailing list.

The user committee is led by a core group five individuals, who provide oversight and guidance to a number of working groups that target specific areas for improvement.

Amy Marrich

Linux Academy


Amy Marrich is an Instructor at Linux Academy and was previously a Linux System Engineer on the Platform Engineering Cloud Operations team at Rackspace and is an active member of the Openstack Ansible project and currently servers as a member of the User Committe, Chair for the Diversity Working Group and is one of the leaders for the Women of OpenStack. She has been working in various positions in the IT world for over 20 years, her experience ranges from management and engineering in regards to software development, linux operations, and cloud computing. She lives in New Braunfels, TX with her spouse, two dogs and 2 horses. 


Dr Yih Leong Sun

Intel Corporation


Dr. Sun accumulated decades of experience in software development and infrastructure deployment. He obtained PhD Computer Science (multi-cloud orchestration) in 2013. He spent the past 8 years on cloud-based infrastruture development. He has the opportunity to work for various projects that span across multiple areas (Media, Financial, Academic/Research, Telecommunication, IT). He is currently a Senior Software Cloud Architect for Intel's Open Source Technology Center. Prior to that, he was Principal Engineer and Technical Lead for various large enterprises and start-up companies. He began his cloud journey since 2007 when he started to develop distributed application for Amazon Web Services (AWS). His experience with OpenStack started in 2011 when he was working on his PhD for multi-cloud orchestration. His interest is to build an enterprise multi-cloud platform.

Over the past few years, his accomplishment related to OpenStack includes:
- deployed OpenStack Private Cloud in lab, POC and production environment
- integrated OpenStack Ironic in a High Performance Computing context 
- led Enterprise Working Group: authored 3 OpenStack eBooks and Workload Reference Architectures (Web Application, Big Data)
- core reviewer of Product Working Group
- OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC) Governance Board member (2016-2017)
- OpenLab Governance member (2017)


Joseph Sandoval

Lithium Technologies


Currently my role is Director, Cloud Engineering at Lithium Technologies ( and have 20 years experience with designing and deploying in the datacenter. 

 I've been involved with Openstack since 2012 and operator since 2013. My current team has deployed Openstack to production to power our SaaS. From my perspective I can help the community understand the challenges of running it at scale and guide other users who are undertaking this journey. 

  I'm also an organizer of the SF CloudOps meetup in San Franciso which is focused on helping other operators use devop tools and frameworks. 


Matt Van Winkle

Salesforce, Rackspace


I serve an amazingly talented group responsible for running the Rackspace public cloud. I have been with the company in various roles for over 13 years.  My primary task is helping my teams of engineers and developers build the software that manages our constantly growing fleet of servers, enables easier day to day operations for our 24X7 Ops teams and facilitates smoother deployments by our software teams working on upstream OpenStack and other projects relative to our public cloud offering.

We have been growing our OpenStack based cloud since its launch in August, 2012.  It began in 3 regions with a few hundred hosts and is now in 6 separate geographic locations, has 10's of 1000's of hypervisors and contains well over 1 Petabyte of RAM under Nova management.  This cloud provides resources to an ever growing spectrum of users from all types industries, sectors and organizations.

Since late last year, I've had the pleasure of working with several in the community in elevating the voice and role of "Operators" within OpenStack.  I've helped with planning mini-summits, Ops meetup sessions in Atlanta and working closely with the Large Deployment team that met in Paris, Vancouver and beyond.


Melvin Hillsman



Melvin Hillsman is an open source community operations manager at Huawei. Melvin is passionate about user and developer collaboration and cross-community interaction and communication. His current focus is OpenLab, where he works closely with members of the Kubernetes, OpenStack, OpenCi, CNCF, CloudFoundry, and OPNFV communities for integration and validation of cloud ecosystem tooling and support of hybrid and multicloud validation. He is the current chair for the OpenStack user committee and on the governance board for OpenLab.