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Top 10 Auto Maker Turning Customer Insights Into Action with OpenStack

At 1/10th the Cost of Legacy Solution

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The auto industry is projected to be the second largest generator of data by next year. One innovative manufacturer saw the opportunity to leverage massive amounts of data telematics produced by cars and drivers to plan new features and gain competitive advantage.

A Huge Need

A Huge Need

Collect, store & analyze petabytes of data globally from millions of vehicle sensors, customers, dealers and social media.

A First Attempt

A First Attempt

Commercial legacy appliance costing in excess of $1.2 Million could not handle the workload.

The Solution

The Solution

$125K OpenStack setup scaled from POC to 10-rack system in 6 months, easily handling complex data analysis.

Getting Expert Help

The company teamed with Solinea, a cloud software and services company, to build their OpenStack Cloud. Find the right partner for your project in the OpenStack Marketplace.

Implementing OpenStack

How An Enterprise Data Cloud Was Built In Under 6-Months

1The P.O.C

Proving The System

They began with a small proof of concept (POC) that would validate the car cloud on OpenStack comparing use cases against the company’s legacy appliance. The POC started by defining metrics and KPIs to set quantifiable objectives that would help make the case to senior executives.

In three short weeks the team built the cloud and tested it with several practical use cases, including in-car mapping applications and back-end big data analytics with telematics data loaded into Hadoop.

OpenStack Cost Savings

2The Bake Off

Quantifiable Results

During the test, the team loaded and updated mapping information in real time from vehicles to the cloud infrastructure. They also completed comparison tests to demonstrate the ability to scale and meet fluctuating workloads in a distributed environment. The automotive company preloaded vehicle telematics data into Hadoop, then transformed the data via map reduce jobs, and ran several analytics use cases to validate the accuracy and performance.

The comparison between the OpenStack car cloud and the company’s legacy appliance was dramatic. In the use case with telematics data and Hadoop, the performance on the OpenStack car cloud clocked in at 40 minutes (before optimization), while the same job on the legacy appliance was unable to compute the function.

OpenStack vs Legacy Appliance

3Final Deployment

Planned Out Over Three Phases

Phase 1

Building out a production infrastructure with big data analytics for existing applications on a single rack consisting of 10 compute nodes, 48 TBs of block storage and 72 TBs of object storage.

Phase 2

Expand solution to focus on big data analytics for production vehicle telematics and in-car services in limited regions, upgrading the architecture and expanding the car cloud with seven racks consisting of 64 compute nodes, 181 TBs of block storage and 859 TBs of object storage.

Phase 3

Expanding the car cloud globally with a focus on in-car services with 26 racks consisting of 192 compute nodes, 1 PB of block storage and 5 PBs of object storage.

OpenStack Deployment

The Resulting Platform

Car Cloud Turns Big Data Into Smart Insights

OpenStack Car Cloud Platform OpenStack Car Cloud Platform

OpenStack Components Used

Compute (Codenamed Nova)

The OpenStack cloud operating system enables enterprises and service providers to offer on-demand computing resources, by provisioning and managing large networks of virtual machines.

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Object Storage (Swift)

OpenStack provides redundant, scalable object storage using clusters of standardized servers capable of storing petabytes of data

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Shared Services

OpenStack has shared services such as Identity, Image management, Orchestration and a Dashboard that provide a unified user experience as they interact with different cloud resources.

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Block Storage (Cinder)

OpenStack provides persistent block level storage devices for use with OpenStack compute instances.

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Download the white paper.

Read the complete white paper that details the success this enterprise company saw when implementing OpenStack with Hadoop, including their phased rollout and insights to achieving adoption.

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