Now you can watch the keynotes that took place during the OpenInfra Summit in Berlin!

The OpenStack Summit

For a good taste of the experience, check out our videoa from the prior OpenStack Paris Summit.

2014 Paris Summit Experience 

How To Register

1. Pick The Right Event(s)

  • Active OpenStack Contributors¬†will be sent email invitations to attend the Design Summit, which happens April 16-18, prior to the full conference. (Design Summit attendees are also encouraged to stay for the conference, too.)
  • Everyone is encouraged to attend the OpenStack Conference April 19 & 20th.¬†

2. Complete The Online Registration

3. Book your hotel stay

Notes on Travel and Food

OpenStack attendees will be required to make their own travel arrangements. If you are flying, you'll want to arrive at the SF0 Airport.

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided each day of the design summit and each day of the conference.