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OpenStack: The "Essex" Release

OpenStack Essex, the fifth version of OpenStack, focuses on quality, usability and extensibility across enterprise, service provider and high performance computing (HPC) deployments. OpenStack Essex allows users across the globe to leverage pools of on-demand, self-managed compute, storage and networking resources to build efficient, automated private and public cloud infrastructures.

  • Essex is a very important milestone, as it marks a point where OpenStack has become complete and mature enough to be a solid foundation for large-scale projects on top of it. This will grow the momentum of OpenStack in the market.

    Phil Zamani, SVP of the Digital Business Unit Cloud Services at Deutsche Telekom

  • OpenStack Essex sets the pace for open source cloud infrastructure, and we're delighted to include it in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The combination makes a robust platform for utility computing with tremendous momentum among early adopters and large scale deployments. OpenStack and Ubuntu are the key ingredients in multiple new public clouds.

    Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu founder and VP, Product Strategy, Canonical

  • Deployments of OpenStack have taken off, and we look forward to the upcoming OpenStack Design Summit to see how companies are using Essex, and innovating on OpenStack.

    Jesse Andrews, Director of Rackspace Cloud Builders, Rackspace

  • The diversity of contributors, from the smallest start-ups to the largest companies, is what will keep OpenStack at the forefront of innovation in providing the next generation of computing platforms.

    Chris C. Kemp, co-founder of OpenStack and CEO of cloud systems company Nebula, Inc.

  • Here at SolidFire, we have made great progress within the core Nova project, including the integration of our high-performance block storage system as a supported Nova volume storage option within Essex. We are looking forward to helping drive further enhancements into the Folsom release and beyond.

    Dave Wright, CEO and founder, SolidFire

  • Our customers have expressed increasing interest in deploying an OpenStack-based private cloud. The user and architectural advancements in Essex demonstrate the power of community-driven development, and make enterprise deployment a practical reality - delivering the control and management that organizations require to meet their compliance and security requirements

    Michael Miller, vice president of Global Alliances & Marketing, SUSE

  • The Essex release represents an exciting time for both OpenStack users and for NetApp as it marks a significant step forward in the flexibility of the platform and our first contribution to the community. With NetApp technology integrated into OpenStack Compute, users will be able to build on a storage platform that delivers a unique array of storage efficiency technologies

    Jeff O’Neal, Senior Director, Solutions Integration Group, NetApp

  • Morphlabs is excited about the OpenStack release of Essex. We believe that this release positions OpenStack to become the foundation for next generation dynamic cloud infrastructure. 

    Winston Damarillo, CEO, MorphLabs

Essex Features & Screenshots

OpenStack Dashboard

OpenStack Dashboard

The OpenStack Dashboard allows cloud administrators to create and manage projects and users, defining resources available to them.

Launching Instances

Launching Instances

Users can simultaneously launch and manage multiple compute instances, as well as storage and networking resources in the OpenStack Dashboard.

User Limits

User Limits

Users can launch and customize instances in the OpenStack Dashboard within the limits their administrators have set.

Dashboard Video Demo

OpenStack Demo Video

Walk through Essex with a 5-minute video overview of some of the new features of Essex.

More Essex Features

OpenStack Compute (code-name Nova)

Focus on stability and integration with Dashboard and Identity, including enhancements to feature parity among the tier one hypervisors -- making it a seamless user experience across each hypervisor -- improved authorization and live migration with multi-host networking. There were also contributions to support high-performance computing and additional block storage options, including support for Nexenta, SolidFire, and NetApp storage solutions.

OpenStack Object Storage (code-name Swift)

Significant new features to improve compliance and data security with the ability to expire objects according to document retention policies, more protections against corruption and degradation of data, and sophisticated disaster recovery improvements. Also new capabilities important to service providers including the ability to upload data directly from an authenticated web page and the ability to restrict the maximum number of containers per account.

OpenStack Dashboard (code-name Horizon)

The first full release of OpenStack Dashboard provides administrators and users the ability to access, provision and automate cloud-based resources through a self-service portal. The extensible design makes it easy to plug in and expose third party products and services, such as monitoring.

OpenStack Identity (code-name Keystone)

The first full release of OpenStack Identity unifies all core projects of the cloud operating system with a common authentication system. The technology provides authorization for multiple log-in credentials, including username/password, token-based and AWS-style logins.

OpenStack Image Service (code-name Glance)

The Image Service received several key updates to improve usability, authorization and image protection.

List of Contributors

Thank you to the global team of 200+ developers who delivered the fifth OpenStack release on time and with every critical feature:

  • termie
  • Gabriel Hurley
  • Brian Waldon
  • Dolph Mathews
  • Johannes Erdfelt
  • Vishvananda Ishaya
  • Ziad Sawalha
  • Dan Prince
  • Mark McLoughlin
  • Joe Heck
  • Rick Harris
  • Russell Bryant
  • Alex Meade
  • Jesse Andrews
  • Eoghan Glynn
  • jakedahn
  • Joe Gordon
  • annegentle
  • Andy Chong
  • Anthony Young
  • Chris Behrens
  • Mark Washenberger
  • Monty Taylor
  • Chmouel Boudjnah
  • Kevin L. Mitchell
  • Lorin Hochstein
  • Brian Lamar
  • Julien Danjou
  • Ewan Mellor
  • gholt
  • Yogeshwar Srikrishnan
  • Tres Henry
  • Naveed Massjouni
  • Jay Pipes
  • Jake Dahn
  • Pádraig Brady
  • Thierry Carrez
  • razique
  • Armando Migliaccio
  • Michael Still
  • ZhongYue Luo
  • Paul McMillan
  • Hengqing Hu
  • Daniel P. Berrange
  • Josh Kearney
  • Jason Kölker
  • Brad Hall
  • Dean Troyer
  • Aaron Lee
  • John Dickinson
  • Adam Gandelman
  • Chuck Short
  • Justin Santa Barbara
  • Tihomir Trifonov
  • Andrew Bogott
  • Dan Wendlandt
  • James E. Blair
  • jeffjapan
  • Emma Steimann
  • Devin Carlen
  • Stuart McLaren
  • Soren Hansen
  • John Postlethwait
  • Trey Morris
  • lzyeval
  • Florian Hines
  • Philip Knouff
  • Alvaro Lopez Garcia
  • Maru Newby
  • Derek Higgins
  • David Goetz
  • Monsyne Dragon
  • Sandy Walsh
  • Ed Leafe
  • Yuriy Taraday
  • Pete Zaitcev
  • Yaguang Tang
  • MotoKen
  • Todd Willey
  • François Charlier
  • Neil Johnston
  • Duncan McGreggor
  • John Garbutt
  • Alan Pevec
  • Jake Zukowski
  • Jim Yeh
  • Mike Pittaro
  • Peng Yong
  • Ionu? Ar??ri?i
  • Carlos Marin
  • Doug Weimer
  • Cole Robinson
  • Mandell Degerness
  • Justin Shepherd
  • David Subiros
  • Andrews Medina
  • masumotok
  • Renuka Apte
  • Michael Basnight
  • Mike Perez
  • john-griffith
  • Tomoe Sugihara
  • Unmesh Gurjar
  • Isaku Yamahata
  • Samuel Merritt
  • Adrian Smith
  • Dragos Manolescu
  • Doug Hellmann
  • Paul Bourke
  • Yun Mao
  • Liem Nguyen
  • Mike Lundy
  • Ghe Rivero
  • Édouard Thuleau
  • Joseph W. Breu
  • Matt Dietz
  • Adam Young
  • Alvaro Lopez
  • Eamonn O'Toole
  • Ben McGraw
  • Dave Lapsley
  • Kiall Mac Innes
  • Ralf Haferkamp
  • Salvatore Orlando
  • Thorsten Tarrach
  • Nikhil Komawar
  • Andrew Clay Shafer
  • Tyler North
  • Deepak Garg
  • Jason Cannavale
  • Major Hayden
  • Nachi Ueno
  • Asbjørn Sannes
  • Sumit Naiksatam
  • Scott Moser
  • Greg Althaus
  • Ahmad Hassan
  • Ivan Kolodyazhny
  • Paul Voccio
  • Marcelo Martins
  • Joshua McKenty
  • Scott Simpson
  • Christopher MacGown
  • Joe Savak
  • Daniele Valeriani
  • JC Martin
  • Wayne A. Walls
  • yuanke wei
  • David Mortman
  • Pavan Kumar Sunkara
  • MORITA Kazutaka
  • Brent Roskos
  • Arvind Somya
  • Michael Barton
  • Rainer Toebbicke
  • Darrell Bishop
  • Stephane Angot
  • Jonathan Gonzalez V
  • monsterxx03
  • Tomas Hancock
  • Juan J. Martinez
  • Felipe Reyes
  • Donagh McCabe
  • aababilov
  • Xiaohua Guan
  • Guang Yee
  • Bhuvan Arumugam
  • garyk
  • Ollie Leahy
  • Likitha Shetty
  • Jimmy Bergman
  • Ken Thomas
  • Cor Cornelisse
  • Gabe Westmaas
  • Jorge L. Williams
  • renukaapte
  • Will Kelly
  • ziadsawalha
  • vishvananda
  • Andy Smith
  • Shevek
  • Darren Birkett
  • Yong Sheng Gong
  • Christian Berendt
  • Nirmal Ranganathan
  • Tim Simpson
  • Ken Pepple
  • Reynolds Chin
  • Matt Stephenson
  • Ante Karamati?
  • John Griffith
  • Mark McClain
  • Sean Dague
  • Andrew Hutchings
  • Dave Walker (Daviey)
  • Rob Esker
  • Mikyung Kang
  • Devdeep Singh
  • Evan Callicoat
  • chris fattarsi
  • Nick Bartos
  • Liam Kelleher
  • sateesh
  • Mike Milner
  • dcramer