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Sardina Systems OpenStack running in the uniCORE Slovakia open source system enabling self-provisioned environments

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FishOS OpenStack was recently deployed at the top Sardina Systems’ partner in the Slovakian market, uniCORE, to enable flexible multi-tenant self-provisioned and programmable OpenStack software development environments. 

Sardina Systems and uniCORE are strategic partners since 2018. The goal of their partnership is to help uniCORE, a company that operates as an experienced IT and software development company with a focus on serving the finance and insurance industry, to facilitate customers access to a simplifiedOpenStackdeployment process. The partnership is enabling to all their customers to build a flexible and scalable enterprise private cloud, with zero down-time operations and cost savings, using the Open Infrastrucure model.

"Our mission together is to be the most competitive Open source solution in the market and to provide to Slovakian market a fully automated OpenStack distribution, with zero downtime cloud operations. FishOS product comes with a number of default features to enable production-ready operations: high availability (HA), resource management, health management, monitoring, capacity planning, accounting and billing, and Zero-Downtime upgrade.”, said Mihaela Constantinescu, Sardina Systems. 

uniCORE aims to deliver modern micro services based solutions to enterprise customers, in sectors such as finance and insurance. The Kubernetes and OpenStack system proved to be the only enabler of this strategy.

“We started our collaboration with Sardina Systems as they are highly capable to bring the latest affordable innovation in the OpenStack software environment and support private cloud system scalability to tens of ‘000's of VMs. Our customers are not only looking for affordable services but also for innovative feature products, and Sardina Systems did proved to be very advanced in that, thanks to its FishOS OpenStack product that is currently enabling us a flexible multi-tenant self-provisioned open infrastructure cloud environment. The product can be easily accessed on a pay-as-you-go model by any business.“ said Peter Pikna, uniCore. 


About uniCORE

uniCORE company, with a vast experience since 2006, is providing professional, affordable services in the area of information technology and software development tailored to customer needs.

About Sardina

Sardina Systems provides smart, efficient, super-scalable cloud automation technology, enabling organizations to rapidly experience the value of OpenStack cloud and maximize the utility of their resources.