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About Orange Business Services

With over 28,500 collaborators including 2,400 cloud experts present in more than 65 countries, Orange Business Services is a global digital services company part of the Orange Group. With our dual expertise as an operator and service integrator, we bring together all the know-how to support companies at every stage of the digital value chain: SDN networks, multi-cloud services, data analytics, AI, intelligent mobility and cybersecurity. We work with companies around the world to transform their businesses, rethink their services and create a positive impact.

Orange Business Services Commitment

At Orange Business Services, our vision of the cloud is that of an open and transparent cloud. For this reason, Flexible Engine is an open-source solution that aims to stimulate innovation (containers, big data, AI...) as well as support and contribute to the Openstack community.

Flexible Engine Cloud

With over 70 features, Flexible Engine is a large-scale public cloud solution provided by Orange Business Services, that combines security, compliance and innovation.

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