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About Binero

Binero delivers public and managed cloud services based on OpenStack, produced in Sweden in compliance with both EU and local regulations.

Binero’s cloud services has an outstanding price/performance-ratio, and we are very proud to have some of the top contributors to the community among our employees, which for us is a seal of quality that we have the high competence that our customers expect.

Binero is certified according to the Fossil Free Data Label, as well as ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 – important standards for quality, sustainability, and information security.

Binero Commitment

We shape clouds for your sustainable progress.

Binero makes it easy to innovate and build the services and solutions needed for progress and growth, without compromising with sustainable digitalization. Its unique main datacenter not only uses 100% renewable energy, but also guarantees market-leading energy efficiency. By reusing the data center’s waste heat and injecting it into the district heating network, the surplus energy generated can be used for other purposes, such as heating nearby towns.

Binero is the go-to climate-neutral solution for companies focusing on sustainable development. And of course, we place equally high demands on our colocation partners for all our regions.

Binero Public Cloud

An open and GDPR compliant OpenStack based cloud for all your workloads. is a well-proven platform used by many customers including some of Sweden’s most important applications for community services, SMEs and cloud native companies.

OpenStack Powered

This product is OpenStack Powered. It contains OpenStack software and has been approved by the OpenInfra Foundation. Learn more about becoming an OpenStack Powered product here.

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Kista Vallentuna

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