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The OpenStack Brand Guide

We're excited that you want to help evangelize the OpenStack® project. No matter how you contribute as a developer, participant, or an enthusiast, your help spreading the word about the OpenStack® project is extremely valuable.

This guide is designed to get you the resources you need and provide simple instructions for the permitted and correct use of the OpenStack® brand assets.

The OpenStack® Word Mark and the OpenStack® logos are trademarks of the OpenStack Foundation. Although the OpenStack® code is freely available to you under the open source license, your ability to use the OpenStack® name and logo in ways which fall in the domain of trademark law, is restricted. It is very important that we protect and enforce our trademark rights to ensure the OpenStack® brand remains a reliable indicator of quality. Therefore, we want to fend against those that seek to intentionally misrepresent their products, services or sponsorships as officially-sanctioned or endorsed by OpenStack.  

We have created a family of logos for those who wish to show their support for the OpenStack® project and those who use the OpenStack® code to power their public cloud or built their product for or with the OpenStack® code.

To get started, review our Trademark Policy and the Logo Usage Guidelines below. Then, it's just a matter of selecting the right logo for your needs and download it or ask us for permission to use it.

OpenStack Marketing Resources

If you already have an OpenStack related product or service in the market, and would like the latest marketing resources such as messaging and collateral, visit the marketing page.

Logos For Community (Non-commercial) Use

For Commercial Use

  • "OpenStack Powered"

    This program is for products or services that are powered by the OpenStack Software, such as public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds, Distributions, or Appliances. These products utilize the OpenStack software (including, at a minimum, the Compute (Nova) and Object Storage (Swift) software), expose the OpenStack API, are running one of the two most recent versions.  A signed contract is required. 

  • "OpenStack Compatible"

    If you offer compute, storage, or networking hardware or software that's designed to work within an OpenStack cloud environment, or cloud applications designed to be compatible with OpenStack clouds, you may be eligible for the "OpenStack Compatible" marketing program, which includes a specific commercial-use logo and wordmark treatment for your product name. A signed contract is required. 

  • "OpenStack Training"

    This program is for companies offering training courses focused on OpenStack. There is also a marketplace to help connect stackers with training courses in their area. A signed contract is required.