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What's Up Swift? The Globally Distributed Community Behind Swift

OpenStack Swift is one of the founding OpenStack projects and is nowadays used in clusters of all sizes around the globe - with sizes ranging from a few terabytes up to hundreds of petabytes, and installations off the rack as well as highly customized deployments. In the same way Swift itself can be used in various ways, the development community behind Swift is very diverse and spans people and companies from all over the globe, from startup to established enterprise.   This panel brings some of the long-term supporters, contributors and operators together to discuss the current and future work on Swift. Swift has gained exciting new features and seen some profound code changes in the last 18 months, and more are on the way!  We would like to give an insight what we're working on, talk about the users experiences with Swift and where we'd like to see Swift in the near future.

Speakers: John Dickinson,Kota Tsuyuzaki,Paul Luse,Christian Schwede,Alistair Coles,Matthew Oliver,Clay Gerrard