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What's Next in OpenStack: A Glimpse at the Roadmap

Whether you are a newbie to OpenStack looking at building your first cloud or an experienced operator with years of OpenStack success behind you, you've probably spent some time wondering what to expect from the OpenStack project over the next several releases.  Will it finally support that new capability you've been waiting for?  Should you plan for an upgrade in the next 6 months? While the development community is always working and planning new features, its takes a lot of time on IRC to get a complete view across the different projects.  The OpenStack Product WG spent time this cycle working with the project teams and PTLs to understand their priorities for the next several OpenStack releases.  Where we have always had an understanding of what's to come in the next release, we're hoping to present a long-term view of the future landscape of OpenStack.  In this session, we'll present our findings across the different projects in an effort to give users a glimpse into the OpenStack roadmap. 

Speakers: Scott Drennan,Mike Cohen,Shamail Tahir