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The life of an OpenStack contributor in animated GIFs

  For the last six month we have been running the website OpenstackReactions that has becoming hugely popular within the OpenStack community.   The idea of the website is to get a so called ‘reaction’ about the day to day life of the OpenStack users and developers.   In this session we are going to just do that, showing you the day to day of an OpenStack developer and an OpenStack operator in animated gifs  which may speaks you better than complicated diagrams and busy slides.   For the developer we are going to get from the setup of his OpenStack environment before starting contributing, discussing new features to implement and reviews other people patches.   For the OpenStack operator we will get to the part of what it actually take to get that patch to be automated and tested before deployed in production.   We hope that this talk will be as much as an introduction to a newcomer to OpenStack and describe in a fun way the life of an existing OpenStack user and developer.  

Speakers: Chmouel Boudjnah,Flavio Percoco,Emilien Macchi