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Optimizing Contributions with Globally Distributed Teams

With over 850 organizations and thousands of individuals from over 140 countries around the globe, the OpenStack community is wildly diverse and global.  If you are going to contribute to the OpenStack Project, weither it is code or use cases,you are going to be working on teams. Many teams will be virtual; that is the members of the team will be scattered around the world and come from many companies and cultures, while other teams will be constituted of long-term work colleagues who have worked comfortably together for years.  More often, OpenStack teams are closer to the former, than the later. Your teammates are on different schedules and have different agendas.  You have no loyalty and no bond, yet you have to trust your teammates will come together and add to the OpenStack project.  For contributors, that often translates to mean that you are working on a project or team that has folks from many time zones and organizations.  This can often lead to misaligned priorities, limited meeting times and frustrations with the amount and pace of work that needs to be done. Given all the difficulties, it is amazing how often the OpenStack Project teams actually work and work well. Join this workshop panel to learn tips and tricks on how to maximize your effectiveness and efficiency when working on large Open Source projects such as OpenStack. ·          Tricks and tools to avoid communications breakdowns ·          Sharing the workload with your fellow contributors ·          How to effectively manage a leaderless team ·          Working across organizations

Speakers: Beth Cohen,Grant Shipley,Fernando Oliveira,Kamesh Pemmaraju,Karin Levenstein