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OpenStack Horizon deep dive and customization

Horizon is the end user facing self-service portal of OpenStack. It is built on top of the Django web framework.OpenStack Dashoard is intended to provide a graphical user interface for all integrated OpenStack components.In order to facilitate extensions more easily, a plug-in mechanism was added.From a deployers perspective, it's important to have both: the ability to add or change functions, colors, logos, and to have a maintained basis as well. This talk will dive deep into OpenStack Dashboard. After a general overview, as example, changes to made for Red Hats look and feel will be shown. This is significantly different from upstreams user experience. This includes logos, colors, and even a different orientation for the menu.Finally, one can add or hide complete panels. A finer grained control on certain actions is also possible, such as forbidding end users to upload images to boot from.During modification, deployers most likely will see errors. Since debugging server issues is still a bit hard, this will be demonstrated.

Speakers: Matthias Runge