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Manila: An Update on OpenStack's Shared File Services Program

This presentation will provide an overview of Manila, the OpenStack File Shares Service. Manila is a community-driven project that presents the management of file shares (e.g. NFS, CIFS) as a core service to OpenStack. Manila currently works with a variety of storage platforms, as well as a reference implementation based on a Linux NFS server. In this session, members of the Manila community will:·  Introduce the Manila File Shares Service·  Provide an overview of Manila, discussing its architecture through use case examples·  Provide details of what is new with the project in the Kilo release·  Discuss upcoming areas of focus for Manila towards graduation Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of Manila, the use cases it was designed to solve, what was added to the project in the Kilo release, and the future directions for the project.

Speakers: Sean Cohen,Bob Callaway,Mark Sturdevant