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Liberty, Product Management and OpenStack Technology

The next OpenStack release is Liberty. So let’s talk about Freedom!  There has been a lot of talk in the last year about the need for “product management” in OpenStack - but skeptics say what that really means is more governance, and direct influence over the direction of this open source project with the goal of corporatizing OpenStack for business objectives.  To the developers actually working on OpenStack, what it means is influencing all of the product management at the various contributing vendors to get them to stop making unreasonable requests. In reality, it doesn’t mean either of those things. And the only way to ensure OpenStack freedom is engagement and discussion. The people who want to influence OpenStack's direction will not be successful if they do not get involved. At the same time, the folks in OpenStack who are drowning under the weight of 100 conflicting requests are not going to be successful either without engaging and listening. So what’s next for the OpenStack Developer? Come find out as Monty Taylor traverses to the next level of OpenStack development.  Take a look (through those cheap sunglasses) with Monty and see what happens next in a “we’re not dead yet” approach to OpenStack technology.

Speakers: Monty Taylor