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Introduction of a new Nova REST API: Why we need to use Nova v2.1 API

OpenStack projects provide their services via REST APIs. CLI (commands: nova, keystone, etc) and GUI like Horizon also operate OpenStack services via REST APIs. In addition, cloud service providers become to provide REST APIs to external world, and cloud users become to use these APIs directly on their own applications to use the best cloud service at the time. So the world is moving to interoperability.One of OpenStack core projects Nova also provide many services via its REST APIs. However, current Nova API (v2) contains problems like lack of input validation, inconsistent interfaces and difficult to add a new API implementation, etc. To solve these problems, we have developed a new REST API called "v2.1" in Juno and Kilo development cycles. By using v2.1 API in many cloud services, we will be able to get safer services and interoperability will become easier.In this session, you will know the outline of Nova v2.1 API, its merits and how to use v2.1 API for users and cloud service providers. In addition, we are developing new features based on v2.1 API, so you will know next features also. I hope this session helps you deploy/use better OpenStack environments.

Speakers: Ken'ichi Ohmichi,Ghanshyam Mann