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Enabling real-world interoperable hybrid cloud use cases using OpenStack's federated identity capabilities

As federation for hybrid cloud continues to come to the forefront, we plan on discussing how IBM and it's offerings plan to support hybrid scenarios and how to take advantage of Keystone's fundamental work in the area. We will begin the presentation by defining hybrid cloud and common scenarios. We will demonstrate how IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack (ICM) can be used to interoperate with another OpenStack deployment (ICM or SoftLayer), to deliver a hybrid cloud environment using the Keystone-to-Keystone federation that was available in the Juno release of OpenStack. We will also discuss the key differences between a client managed ICM as opposed to a vendor managed ICM.We intend to have a demo that showcases the Keystone-to-Keystone feature in action. At a minimum, we would have an application that shows a user from one cloud can be trusted to access resources (spin up a VM) on another cloud. This will be shown either using a python program, the CLI, or (if functioning) the Horizon web interface.

Speakers: Steve Martinelli,Brant Knudson,Brad Topol