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Senior Cloud Computing Engineer
Principal Cloud Technologist
Principal Solution Architect
Cloudbase Solutions, CEO
OpenStack Nova Core developer
Distinguished Engineer
Director of Engineering
Master Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Principal Architect Titanium Cloud, Wind River Systems
Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning Team Leader at OVH
Cisco Systems
Cloud Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
senior engineer of openstack
Software Developer
Tech Lead, Linaro
Independent contributor
system architect
Chief Engineer
Software Engineer for China Mobile Suzhou Research Center
Software Engineer for CMSS
Senior Engineer
Intel, Technical Marketing Engineer
Senior Engineer
Software Architect
Advisory Researcher, Cloud Architect, Lenovo
IBM Cloud Infrastructure Services
SUSE, Product Owner
Cloud Architect, CERN
Software Engineer, CERN
Network Architect
Senior Principal Technical Writer - Red Hat
Openstack R&D Engineer
Openstack R&D Engineer
OpenStack R&D Engineer
Product Manager
Red Hat
VP Education, City Network, cloud engineer
CEO & Founder
Senior Principal Software Engineer
Cloud OpenStack Engineer
Strategy Guy
Cloud Infrastructure Developer, CERN
Software engineer at Red Hat
Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat
Senior member of technical staff
Senior Software Engineer
Development Manager
OpenStack Engineering Mgr
Junior engineer
Cloud Architect
Cloud Developer, SUSE
Director of Community
Upstream Developer Advocate
Deutsche Telekom AG
Technical Marketing Engineer
Software Maintenance Engineer
City Network Hosting AB
SK Telecom
Samsung SDS, Engineer
Unified management of multi-Level high availability for Hyper-converged OpenStack
Inspur Group
Inspur Corporation, Cloud Software Engineer
Vice President, Rakuten Mibile, Inc.
Product Manager
CTO of China Unicom Wo Cloud
Senior Engineer
China Telecom Senior Research Engineer
China Telecom