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Igor Duarte Cardoso

As a Software Engineer at Intel, Igor is mostly focused on upstream OpenStack enablement of Service Function Chaining and the design of multiple interfaces that mainly aim at better integrating different projects or components together.

Some of Igor's work include:

- Enhancements to the OpenStack Service Function Chaining project (networking-sfc) in order to accelerate the alignment with IETF SFC standardization efforts: Service Graphs, NSH, SFC-Proxying, and SFC Encapsulation in general, among other smaller contributions.

- Driving the Common Classification Framework in Neutron, a reboot of previous efforts (neutron-classifier and Common Classifier) aiming at the definition and consumption of traffic classification resources in Neutron from a single, common API and framework, accessible by any Neutron service.

- Different work regarding the design and specification of interfaces and implementations of the same to better interconnect different projects or components, including within the ETSI NFV's MANO scope and the higher-level data models available to an NFV Orchestrator.

- Development of Neutron-backed Quality of Service support for the OpenStack Group-Based Policy project along with other miscellaneous contributions to the same.

Previously to Intel some of his work included:

- Customer-focused solutions work through the use if OpenStack (including Neutron) to allow the virtualization of Home Gateways, together with SFC for the ability to chain network functions and other specific additions to allow remote connecting devices to be managed and reconfigured from a central logical point.

- Additionally Igor has authored an HIIT fitness application for Android, Wrkout, but shaping the future of NFV is much more important at the moment!