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Kata Containers在百度智能云的应用实践

本session主要是分享百度智能云在Kata containers应用实践。百度智能云结合自身业务发展需求,推出CFC函数计算、BCI容器实例、BEC边缘计算等产品,并在这些产品上,进一步应用kata containers实践,更好地满足用户需求

Monday, November 4, 4:50pm-5:30pm (8:50am - 9:30am UTC)
Difficulty Level: N/A
Baidu AI Cloud Senior Architect
2013.12-now, work at Baidu AI Cloud, focus on Linux kernel & virtualization & container. FULL PROFILE
Baidu AI Cloud Senior Product Manager
Baidu AI Cloud senior product manager for Cloud-Native area.3 years of experience in enterprise big data platform development and 4 years of experience in cloud computing system architecture and implementation.Have led the design and implementation of Baidu AI Cloud container engine, cloud-native micro-service application platform, container instance and FaaS product, and supported the... FULL PROFILE
Baidu Ai Cloud, Architect
Ti Zhou, currently serves as software architect in Baidu Inc, focusing on PaddlePaddle Deep Learning Framework, Baidu Cloud Container Engine and Baidu CDN Edge, helps developers to deploy cloud-native applications on private and public cloud. FULL PROFILE