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Towards guaranteed low latency and high security service based on Mobile Edge Computing technology

MEC, Mobile Edge Computing, is considered as the key component of 5G technology and through which, operators can provide low latency and high security services.
As a 5G pioneer, SK Telecom (SKT) developed their own MEC platform from last year. It was designed and developed to respond to a variety of business requirements, as well as complies with 3GPP/ETSI standards. To interwork with current 4G/5G technologies, SKT implemented unique edge routing technology.
SKT commercialized this MEC platform last year. The platform is linked to 5G network and is currently providing smart factory pilot service which requires extremely low latency. This is the first case of MEC deployment based on 5G commercial network.
By 2020, SKT would deploy world's nearest computing infrastructure, within a few tens of km, to its mobile subscribers.
In this talk, We would like to introduce SKT's MEC architecture, lessons learned from commercialization and the future plan.

What can I expect to learn?

 Through this talk, attendees could learn belows
 - MEC Basics(Concept, Architecture)
 - MEC in standard perspective
 - Bump MEC into 4G/5G network
 - SKT's MEC strategy

Tuesday, November 5, 2:45pm-2:55pm
Will be recorded
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
SKTelecom, Manager
Daniel Park received B.S and his master's degree in 2009 from POSTECH, South Korea. There he studied on OFMDA-based communication system.He worked at SKTelecom for ten years as a researcher, in the area of LTE core network, SDN and OpenStack. His interests are SDN and OpenStack based innovation of Mobile Network. He is currently very actively working with SONA project, which is the ONOS-based... FULL PROFILE