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Workshop: Automating Swift deployments with SwiftStack

This interactive session will cover automation and management tools for OpenStack Swift. Attendees will learn about the deployment mechanisms behind the scenes of SwiftStack. This is a hands-on workshop where we will install and configure a SwiftStack cluster in a virtual machine on attendees’ laptops.

In this workshop, attendees will learn about: 

  • The automation required to run OpenStack Swift in production
  • Runtime stacks for load-balancing, ssl-termination and authentication
  • Networking architecture for Swift
  • Monitoring Swift-specific metrics
  • Tuning a Swift cluster
  • Best practices for cluster expansion and failure handling 

Attendees should bring their laptops (with virtualization extensions enabled in the BIOS), and we will provide a virtual machine image that will be used during the workshop. 




Speakers: John Dickinson