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Top 10 Things We've Learned About OpenStack

Here at NetApp, we've learned a few things lately about OpenStack.

We've seen a rapid rise in OpenStack interest and activity among our customers, prospects and partners. It's a wonderful reminder that the investments we’ve made over the past several years to enable NetApp solutions to be provisioned and managed smoothly within an OpenStack environment represent a tremendous opportunity to leverage the best of open source ingenuity combined with powerful storage and data management.

Along the way, we’ve accumulated a fair amount of tangible insight on the value of OpenStack, its evolution in the market, and the storage solutions being deployed with it. We’ve also found plenty of truth, myth, and folklore. Come hear as we review NetApp’s real-world discoveries about OpenStack and find out what myths need retiring as well as which truths need uncovering. 


Speakers: Val Bercovici