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Stacking Up with OpenStack: Building for HA

Can we build an OpenStack HA solution that allows the same type of automation as Amazon AWS? This session compares an OpenStack HA reference architecture to Amazon to see how OpenStack stacks up.

As OpenStack goes real world production environment, the real world problems like reliability, high availability need to be addressed. In this session, we will explore various time-tested techniques for improving availability of your applications on OpenStack private cloud.  

We'll be joined by RIghtScale customer, Samsung SDS, to discuss their revolutionary OpenStack project. Samsung SDS has devised a multi-cloud architecture that leverages OpenStack and AWS to enable cloud-bursting while eliminating latency and security issues. Samsung SDS will review the architecture and technologies they are levering to make this solution possible.

Key take-aways from the presentation would be:

  • How to design for application HA using a hybrid cloud environment using OpenStack
  • Explore DR options based on your uptime requirements
  • How to improve availability of OpenStack cloud infrastructure services



Speakers: Utpal Thakrar