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Soup to Nuts: how an Idea Becomes an OpenStack Commit

You’ve got your shiny new OpenStack environment running, and discovered there is an enhancement you’d like to get back into the main OpenStack release. But where do you begin? What steps do you need to take to go from a raw idea, to code that can make it’s way through the OpenStack review and release process, all the way into the next OpenStack release?

This talk will trace this path. We’ll explain process that you need to follow (bugs/blueprints and the CLA), dive into the tools that you’ll need to get comfortable with (git, gerrit, launchpad), figure out who this Jenkins guy is, and how to make him happy, and how to successfully navigate the review process to get your code in shape and landed in OpenStack proper. You’ll walk away with a roadmap of how to contribute features and bug fixes to OpenStack. 

Speakers: Sean Dague