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OpenStack Summit Presentations

"SmartCloud Foundations: Inside IBM's OpenStack-based products"

By: Andrew Trossman, James Pang, Alex Peay

IBM has built its cloud strategy around OpenStack. As such IBM is investing to make OpenStack good enough for a broad range of customers. Likewise, IBM is providing proprietary value add via well designed OpenStack extension points and by building additional capabilities above the OpenStack IaaS.

This presentation will introduce IBM's new suite of cloud product offerings with a deep dive into some of the key areas which extend the open source projects. Likewise we'll describe the capabilities that are layered above OpenStack which can interoperate with other OpenStack compatible clouds, both on and off premises.

We'll show how IBM's breadth of technologies developed internally and acquired are being integrated into the OpenStack ecosystem. Finally, we'll introduce an online marketplace for everything OpenStack from free and open source images and scripts, to chef cookbooks, to commercial automation assets. 


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