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Proxy Compute Service managing multiple VMware vCenter Clusters and Resource Pools

The current implementation of VMware VC compute driver for OpenStack uses one proxy server to run nova-compute service to manage a cluster. In this session, we would cover the changes implemented to enhance VMware VC Compute driver so that it runs as a Proxy Compute Service to manage multiple VMware vCenter Clusters and Resource Pools as compute nodes. These proposed changes are in line with nova Bare metal proxy driver.

Highlights of these changes: 

  • VC driver treats Clusters and resource pools as compute nodes.    
  • One proxy compute server to manage multiple Clusters and resource pools.
  • The set of clusters/resource pools to be configured as compute nodes are specified in the configuration file.
  • Dynamically create/update/delete nova compute nodes based on Clusters/Resource pools change in vCenter. 


Speakers: Divakar Padiyar Nandavar