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OpenStack Summit Presentations

"Project Meniscus: A Better Focusing Lens for System and Application Events"

By: John Hopper

Software systems produce events but often do so in non-uniform ways. A system may log information to a file in a grammar that requires comprehension to extract meaning from the output. A system may also send events to other systems in a structured manner such as REST. Other systems may event output events directly into a database for storage or pass them to a queue for distribution to interested consumers.

In highly diverse, clustered environments like those seen in many OpenStack deployments, the system event landscape can become complex, difficult to manage and over time become opaque to the point where events generated no longer provide value. The information in many of these events have definite business value, whether it be to meter a tenant or to communicate that a portion of the cluster has been damaged or degraded. Therefore, it’s imperative, despite the complexity of the event ecosystem, to capture this information in a standardized and scalable manner. 

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