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OpenStack Networking Lightning Talks

This session will consist of three, 10-minute lightning talks from OpenStack Networking experts followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. A summary of each lightning talk is provided below:

Quantum Plugin and Extensions for Cloud Applications 
Mohammad Banikazemi, IBM

This presentation covers challenges in developing a Quantum plugin for Meridian, a service-level network model that provides high level connectivity and policy abstractions for cloud applications. Although the current Meridian implementation leverages OpenFlow, the services it defines are amenable to a variety of implementations including overlay networks. The Meridian architecture and implementation is described briefly. Key challenges in the design and implementation, including orchestration of network tasks on large networks, efficient handling of dynamic updates to virtual networks are then discussed. Next, the Quantum plugin for Meridian, which maps the basic Quantum constructs to the Meridian network model is presented. Finally, a set of extensions to the base Quantum API that allow the entire set of Meridian features to be exploited is described. These features include support for flexible and dynamic insertion of middle boxes. The presentation identifies some strengths as well as some weaknesses of the current Quantum design. 


SDN deployment using Floodlight with Openstack Quantum and Openvswitch
Damian Igbe 

The SDN revolution has started and while the shape of things to come is still unclear, this is the best time to delve into the technicalities of SDN. It is only those who really understand this buzzword now that will shape the future of network virtualization. This paper aims to explore SDN using Floodlight Openflow controller along with Quantum and Openvswitch. The emphasis will be on Floodlight as the Openflow controller based on experience experimenting and integrating to Quantum and Openvswitch. A hands-on demo will be provided to highlight the essential configuration steps required to get Floodlight up and running and talking to Openvswitch and Quantum in a multi-tenancy deployment. 


Extending Quantum and the OVS plugin for physical network orchestration 
Andre Pech, Arista Networks 

Quantum currently does not allow for the simultaneous configuration of virtual and physical switches as part of tenant network provisioning. When using OVS, the user is required to manually provision the physical network that provides connectivity between VM's in a tenant network.

We've extended Quantum and the Quantum OVS plugin to allow for the registration of plugins ("hardware drivers"") to coordinate the physical network based on the topology of the virtual switches, enabling a fully automated deployment of new tenant networks. We've also exposed how the virtual tenant networks map onto the physical network, providing users with increased visibility and better troubleshooting ability.

Speakers: Mohammad Banikazemi, Damian Igbe, Andre Pech