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Interactive Visual Orchestration With Curvature and Donabe

In this talk we introduce Curvature – an interactive visual orchestration tool for applications on OpenStack. We also describe Donabe – a recursive container service – and how both can be leveraged in conjunction to create and deploy recursively stackable application topologies from virtual machine images and Quantum networking components.

Curvature’s approach to service deployment allows the user to define a workload at a higher level of abstraction than current deployment tools. Users draw their desired application topology on a canvas using a toolset of Quantum L2/L3 components and virtual machine images. This topology can then be deployed onto a running OpenStack environment at the click of a button – with Curvature handling all of the orchestration necessary for provisioning the workload, i.e. the Quantum networks and Nova VMs. We demonstrate this design and deployment workflow in real time on a live OpenStack environment using real- world use cases.

This talk showcases Curvature’s functionality both with and without Donabe to demonstrate how these services will radically change the user experience of cloud application deployment. 

Speakers: Debojyoti Dutta, John Davidge, Sam Betts, Bradley Jones, Jack Peter Fletcher