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Healthnmon - A Cloud Monitor & Healthnmon Proxy Drivers

In this session I would like to talk about a Cloud Monitoring Solution for OpenStack Cloud using “Healthnmon” which is currently available under “stackforge”. Healthnmon intends to provide Cloud Monitoring service for OpenStack Cloud Resources and Infrastructure with a pluggable framework for  Inventory Management, Alerts and Notifications, and Utilization Data. 

Healthnmon is targeted for private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, covering KVM, Hyper-V and ESX hypervisor technologies. Healthnmon solution aims at providing an architecture that supports the infrastructure management, getting insights into the underlying hypervisor features, topology details, Cloud resource and application monitoring.

A Healthnmon driver implementation collects the Cloud Resource Inventory, Usage, Alerts. The session will cover the following 

  • Overall architecture
  • Healthnmon proxy driver implementation for KVM
  • Healthnmon proxy driver for ESX (vcenter)
  • Healthnmon proxy driver for Hyper V
  • Approach to plug-in existing Monitoring solutions through a driver (nagios)
  • How to add a new driver for Healthnmon 



Speakers: Srinivasa Acharya, Divakar Padiyar Nandavar