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Best Buy's Platform Transformation and the CDC (Continuous Delivery Cloud)

Re-launched in 2002, has grown to be the third most visited retail e-commerce site for the US holiday season. Facing increasing traffic and continued growth, has engaged in an effort to re-architect and re-platform the site. A key component of these re-platform efforts is the hyper-scale CDC (Continuous Delivery Cloud). The CDC, based on the Openstack Essex release powers 40+ development teams today and is an innovation catalyst which enables thousands of automated tests running each day, early integration, and R&D for cloud deployments. 

In this session we'll cover:

  • The business case, use cases, and financials behind our internal cloud initiative.
  • Our architecture and technology choics for automated bootstrap, and the compute, storage (distributed object and block), and network tiers.
  • The automation and monitoring tools and techniques we utilize.
  • The code/feature related modifications and additions made to the Essex release to support our specific needs.
  • The team behind the development of the CDC and its culture.
  • The lessons we've learned and our next steps and roadmap.

Speakers: Steve Eastham