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Advanced Cloud Network Services

Networking challenges in data center and cloud environments have received significant attention by industry and standards organizations. The data center environment is dominated by the presence of software networking components (vswitches) in server hypervisors, which may outnumber by an order of magnitude the physical networking nodes. Bridging the gap between server based networking and existing network services is a significant challenge, since the ultimate goal is the design of end-to-end network  services. When it comes to advanced L3 services and interoperability with existing managed VPN services, existing solutions rely on static routing and/or centralized routing mechanisms that cannot meet the requirements  for resiliency and dynamic networking.

This talk will discuss a simple approach for this problem, which combines traditional control plane and routing protocol approaches with the flexibility of SDN architectures and Openflow. From a deployment perspective, we will discuss how this approach can be  easily integrated within the Openstack Quantum framework by requiring minimal modifications. The presentation will conclude with a live demo of the solution.

Speakers: Dimitri Stiliadis