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The State of OpenStack Data Processing: Sahara, Now and in Juno

The Sahara project (ex. Savanna), integrated project in Juno under the OpenStack Data Processing program, provides users an ability to provision and manage Hadoop clusters on OpenStack, and has seen a great deal of progress, development, and changes during the Icehouse development cycle. The focus of the project is on two primary use cases: on-demand cluster provisioning and on-demand Hadoop task execution (Elastic Data Processing). In this talk, we will provide an overview of project Sahara, its main goals and focus, and a tour of new features introduced in the Icehouse cycle. These features include: integration with Heat, basic API tests in Tempest, enabled asynchronous gate, and bunch of new Elastic Data Processing (EDP) features. We’ll also discuss new Hortonworks Data Platform plugin features, data-locality support, and the ability to use Sahara through the command line. Finally, we will discuss the roadmap for the Juno release. After attending this session, you will have a good understanding for where Sahara is now and where it’s going, particularly with regard to the Unified Agent approach, on which we’re currently working on leveraging in Sahara    

Speakers: Sergey Lukjanov,Matthew Farrellee,John Speidel