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Real-time Predictive Analytics and Visualization for Openstack Operations

AbstractAs Openstack matures and gets adopted, one of the potential challenges will be to run Openstack smoothly and efficiently. In order to achieve this, one way is to use operational data to improve ops. The amount of data that can be collected in an openstack deployment is quite large. It is important to extract operational insights from this data. An important step was the birth of Ceilometer which is a fantastic telemetry platform. As a first step, we show we can couple Ceilometer with a real-time stream mining platform and machine learning (using opensource components) to predict hotspots within a cluster among other patterns. We believe this approach will lead to innovations within the Openstack operations ecosystem.

Speakers: Debojyoti Dutta,Kai Zhang,Alex Holden,Marc Solanas Tarre,Xinyuan Huang,Pengfei Zhang,Ailing Zhang,Matthew Weeks,Damian Van Vuuren