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Are Enterprises Ready for the OpenStack Transformation?

OpenStack is not product, it’s a process. Building an OpenStack cloud should never be the beginning nor the end of a cloud project. This is so because: OpenStack is not a product that tries to solve any one business problem in particular, but a technology that aims to be usable by as many as possible Since the beginning of computing, projects which include a culture shift require the for the enterprise processes to evolve too, and this is often the hardest part of a cloud project OpenStack is a growing technology, as are the requirements of users, and if you do not plan to make your cloud continuously evolve, you are as good not doing an enterprise cloud project Based on our experience delivering cloud project to enterprises, this presentation will give some key learnings on what are the required steps to make sure that your enterprise is ready for the OpenStack transformation.

Speakers: Nick (Nicolas) Barcet