Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

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Migrating a Bare Metal Server into the OpenStack Platform: It's Possible

After releasing our bare-metal offering based on OpenStack's Ironic, we had a choice to make regarding our current customers’ existing product and services. Being hell-bent on providing them with long term, viable solutions, we decided to convert as much of their infrastructure as possible to the new platform. From dedicated servers to fully Ironic-managed ones, Maxime Bélanger and Paul Millette will present a process that attendees can follow to convert servers and infrastructure, to adapt network models and to ensure compatibility between the two platforms. They will also walk through the tools developed and used through this conversion process and the challenges faced along the way.

What can I expect to learn?
  • Cleanliness of the production data is really really important to achieve the migration
  • If your carefully orchestrate the migration through an automation process usign the proper tools is really important
  • Automated testing is the only way you can ensure your migration process is doing it right
  • Automation is the key here!
Wednesday, October 26, 3:05pm-3:45pm (1:05pm - 1:45pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
An experienced software developer, Maxime is relatively new to the world of Cloud Engineering Technologies. Despite that, he is quickly learning to appreciate the complexities and possibilities that they bring, especially OpenStack. His first encounter with cloud technologies was at CAE inc. where, as a software architect, he was responsible for the Continuous Integration and Continuous... FULL PROFILE