Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

Speaker Details

Maxime Belanger

An experienced software developer, Maxime is relatively new to the world of Cloud Engineering Technologies. Despite that, he is quickly learning to appreciate the complexities and possibilities that they bring, especially OpenStack. His first encounter with cloud technologies was at CAE inc. where, as a software architect, he was responsible for the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery platform. This platform enabled CAE to quickly deliver better software on Full Flight Aircraft Simulators (FFS) for multiple airlines and CAE's training centers. At Internap, he is the Technical Lead of the Business Facing development team, responsible of automating business processes such as Cloud ordering, delivery and configuration, billing and invoicing.

On a side note, as we all know, a software developer is a sedentary animal. So Maxime is religiously following a CrossFit class, so that he can continue to be a consummate foodie.