Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

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Why Insurance Company Folksam Chose City Network OpenStack Laas Cloud for Finance and Insurance

Presenters are Daniel Gustafsson VP-BU-Compliant Cloud at City Network and Roger Ewert IT area architect for Technology and Infrastructure at Folksam

Late 2015 City Network launched a initiative to build IaaS clouds based on OpenStack for regulated industries with a heavy focus on Bank and Finance. Insurance company Folksam was one of the first customers that started using the servcice. Folksam wanted to change the way the ran thier applications and services. They wanted be able to have a scaleable platform that could easily be deployed thru automation tools like ansible and function with contionues deployments. In this presentation we will cover how this was acomplished.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees should expect to gain knowledge on how and under what principals a bank or finance institute can use compliant IaaS cloud based on OpenStack and what they should demand from a cloud provider to meet their specific requirements. We will also show how Folksam use automation and continous deployments for thier environments with ansible and gigaspaces. So this will both a presentation covering both the legall fundamentals of providing compliant IaaS clouds as well as a practical part covering how Folksam utilize OpenStack for their needs.

Tuesday, October 25, 11:25am-12:05pm (9:25am - 10:05am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
VP- Business Unit- Compliant Cloud at City Network Hosting
A veteran of almost 20 years in the IT and telecom industry. Started as a sys admin and worked my way to a management postion. Cloud and mobility evangelist  Career: Sys admin at TietoEnator  Sys admin at VM-data  Cloud and mobility strategy at Logica Cloud and mobility strategy at CGI Mobility strategy, mobile security at moWizor Current: VP- Business Unit- Compliant... FULL PROFILE
IT area architect for Technology and Infrastructure at Folksam
Have worked for 20 years in the IT industry. Started my first years in the grocery retails (ICA) and handled their Internet solutions and then for the last 16 years in the finance and insurance industry. Att first my focus was on networking, IT security and web platforms, then expanded with several other areas after the years that passed. The last 5 years I have worked in the... FULL PROFILE