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Qinling provides a platform to support serverless functions (like AWS Lambda).

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Lingxian Kong

Catalyst IT, Senior Developer

OpenStack Profile

Lingxian has been working at Catalyst IT as a senior cloud developer since 2016, before that he worked at cloud operating system department in Huawei for 4 years, leading a team consisting of OpenStack upstream contributors globally. He is also an active contributor in multiple OpenStack projects, core reviewer of Mistral project, PTL of Qinling project. In Kubernetes area, Lingxian is the author of octavia ingress controller and also an active contributor for openstack cloud provider. Lingxian also actively participated in various open source mentoring programs to help new contributors get started. Lingxian is a fun of basketball in his spare time.

qinling - Project Update

Project Updates cover the latest changes in the project. See what's new in the latest OpenStack release, and what you can expect to see from the project in the upcoming release.

Most Active Contributors by Company

  • Catalyst IT
  • Awcloud
  • 99cloud
  • *independent
  • inesa
  • SUSE
  • NEC
  • Kylin Cloud
  • NTT

Most Active Individual Contributors

  • Lingxian Kong
  • Hunt Xu
  • caoyuan
  • OctopusZhang
  • Dong Ma
  • Jiangyuan
  • huang.zhiping
  • Andreas Jaeger
  • zhulingjie
  • Vishakha Agarwal