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About this project

Horizon is the canonical implementation of OpenStack's dashboard, which is extensible and provides a web based user interface to OpenStack services.

Project details

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Are vulnerability issues managed by the OpenStack security team?
  • Yes
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is maintained following the common Stable branch policy
  • Yes
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Contributions to Horizon

PTL for Latest Release

Ivan Kolodyazhny


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Most Active Contributors by Company

  • NEC
  • Mirantis
  • *independent
  • Red Hat
  • 99cloud
  • Inspur
  • EasyStack
  • Cisco Systems
  • Intel
  • inesa

Most Active Individual Contributors

  • Akihiro Motoki
  • Ivan Kolodyazhny
  • Ying Zuo
  • qiaomin032
  • Beth Elwell
  • Vladislav Kuzmin
  • Radomir Dopieralski
  • wei.ying
  • Rob Cresswell
  • Shu Muto