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About this project

Manages the lifecycle of compute instances in an OpenStack environment. Responsibilities include spawning, scheduling and decomissioning of machines on demand.

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Contributions to Nova

PTL for Latest Release

Matt Riedemann

Huawei, Principal Architect

OpenStack Profile

I have over 13 years of software development experience working on various projects and technologies. I have 10 years of Java experience and 4 years of Python, with random other languages and tools used throughout my career (XML, JSON, SQL, Eclipse/OSGi, CIM, BASH, Ant, Maven, RPM, Jenkins, Gerrit, Git).

My development roles have all included working on teams which also included remote employees and global teams. I also have years of experience as a technical lead managing projects, both within IBM and in the open source OpenStack community.

My main focus the last several years has been working on the open source OpenStack Nova (compute) project. I'm consistently a top contributor from IBM to OpenStack, am a core reviewer on several projects in OpenStack, and am the Nova project technical lead (PTL) for the Newton, Ocata and Pike releases.




Newton Design Series: Nova

Most Active Contributors by Company

  • Red Hat
  • IBM
  • Mirantis
  • Intel
  • Rackspace
  • NEC
  • NTT
  • Ericsson
  • MIT
  • Inspur

Most Active Individual Contributors

  • Matt Riedemann
  • Stephen Finucane
  • John Garbutt
  • Takashi NATSUME
  • Jay Pipes
  • Sean Dague
  • Ghanshyam Mann
  • Alex Xu(He Jie Xu)
  • Chris Dent
  • Ken'ichi Ohmichi