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Workflow service

About this project

Mistral is a workflow service. Most business processes consist of multiple distinct interconnected steps that need to be executed in a particular order in a distributed environment. One can describe such process as a set of tasks and task relations (via YAML-based language) and upload such description to Mistral so that it takes care of state management, correct execution order, parallelism, synchronization and high availability.

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Dougal Matthews

Red Hat, Senior Software Engineer

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Python enthusiast. Relishes hard problems. Loves skiing and organises @pythonglasgow. OpenStack Engineer at Red Hat.


Project Update - Mistral

Join the Project Team Leader of Mistral and core contributors for a project update reflecting current developments in the Pike cycle and discussion of future development activity. We dig into major issues and user needs, and how those needs can be addressed in current and future development. We also discuss hot topics from the Project Teams Gathering, and major development decisions agreed by the team. Get an in-depth look at the top features and enhancements Mistral plans to deliver in the Pike release.

Most Active Contributors by Company

  • *independent
  • Nokia
  • Red Hat
  • Catalyst IT
  • NEC
  • GohighSec
  • EasyStack
  • UnitedStack
  • Infinite
  • StackStorm

Most Active Individual Contributors

  • Renat Akhmerov
  • Hardik Parekh
  • Dougal Matthews
  • Dawid Deja
  • Sharat Sharma
  • Lingxian Kong
  • Michal Gershenzon
  • Nikolay Makhotkin
  • Dharmendra Kushwaha
  • jzx