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About this project

Glance image services include discovering, registering, and retrieving virtual machine images. Glance has a RESTful API that allows querying of VM image metadata as well as retrieval of the actual image. VM images made available through Glance can be stored in a variety of locations from simple filesystems to object-storage systems like the OpenStack Swift project.

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Contributions to Glance

PTL for Latest Release

Brian Rosmaita


OpenStack Profile Twitter Profile

Brian Rosmaita is the Glance PTL for the Pike release.  He's a Senior Software Developer at Rackspace where he works as part of the OpenStack Innovation Center.  He's been an active technical contributor to OpenStack since the Folsom release and was a software developer on the Rackspace first generation cloud.  He's also spent some time in product management, where among other things, he helped launch Cloud Images, the Rackspace Public Cloud offering built on OpenStack Glance.  He's currently a core contributor to Glance and Searchlight, and is a Certified OpenStack Administrator.  In his spare time, he's the host of Radio Ethiopia, a reggae and African music show that's broadcast on K-RACK, Rackspace's internal internet radio station.

Newton Design Series: Glance

Most Active Contributors by Company

  • Rackspace
  • Intel
  • IBM
  • Red Hat
  • Mirantis
  • NTT
  • Infinite
  • Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Catalyst IT
  • SUSE

Most Active Individual Contributors

  • Ian Cordasco
  • Brian Rosmaita
  • Hemanth Makkapati
  • Steve Lewis
  • Dharini Chandrasekar
  • Alexander Bashmakov
  • Nikhil Komawar
  • Erno Kuvaja
  • Kairat Kushaev
  • Abhishek Kekane