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Metering & Data Collection Service

About this project

Ceilometer's goal is to efficiently collect, normalise and transform data produced by OpenStack services. The data it collects is intended to be used to create different views and help solve various telemetry use cases. Aodh and Gnocchi are two examples of services extending Ceilometer data.

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Contributions to Ceilometer

PTL for Latest Release

Julien Danjou

Red Hat

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I'm a Free Software hacker working at Red Hat. I've been contributing to open source projects for more than 15 years now, in various areas, such as Debian, Freedesktop, Emacs and obviously OpenStack.

Project Update - Telemetry

Join the Project Team Leader of Telemetry and core contributors for a "project update" reflecting current developments in the Pike cycle and discussion of future development activity. We dig into major issues and user needs, and how those needs can be addressed in current and future development. We also discuss hot topics from the Project Teams Gathering, and major development decisions agreed by the team. Get an in-depth look at the top features and enhancements Telemetry plans to deliver in the Pike release.

Most Active Contributors by Company

  • Red Hat
  • Huawei
  • EasyStack
  • 99cloud
  • Inspur
  • Intel
  • NEC
  • ZTE Corporation
  • Mirantis
  • UnitedStack

Most Active Individual Contributors

  • Julien Danjou
  • Gordon Chung
  • Mehdi Abaakouk
  • Hanxi Liu
  • Liusheng
  • Yarko Tymciurak
  • xujun
  • avnish
  • Eric Lei
  • Chris Dent