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Big Data Processing Framework Provisioning

About this project

The sahara project aims to provide users with a simple means to provision data processing frameworks (such as Hadoop, Spark and Storm) on OpenStack. This is accomplished by specifying configuration parameters such as the framework version, cluster topology, node hardware details and more.

Project details

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  • Yes
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Contributions to Sahara

PTL for Latest Release

Telles Nobrega

Red Hat, Inc

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Telles Nobrega has an MSc in Computer Science/Distributed Systems by the Federal University of Campina Grande - Brazil. Currently working as a software engineer at Red Hat, upstream contributor, Project Technical Lead of Sahara. Telles Nobrega has been contributing to OpenStack since IceHouse release with a special focus on the Sahara project but also worked on Keystone, Trove, and Nova.

Most Active Contributors by Company

  • Mirantis
  • Red Hat
  • IBM
  • Awcloud
  • Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
  • Intel
  • Hitachi
  • *independent
  • Numergy
  • NTT

Most Active Individual Contributors

  • Michael McCune
  • Sergey Lukjanov
  • Vitaly Gridnev
  • Andrew Lazarev
  • Sergey Reshetnyak
  • Trevor McKay
  • Chad Roberts
  • Andrey Pavlov
  • Elise Gafford
  • Nikolay Starodubtsev