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AQORN Releases Flagship Product: Thunder

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AQORN INC, a US-based global service provider of carrier-grade Openstack cloud solutions, is proud to announce the alpha release of a free Openstack management and installation tool called Thunder. This software, developed by the minds at AQORN, delivers a user-friendly onramp to quickly installing and managing highly-available Openstack clouds while enabling AQORN to reach new markets by giving safe harbor to SMB's. Our software design philosophy adheres to the same principles championed by the Openstack community itself by leveraging a top-down open source framework coming with two editions: Community and Enteprise with AQWORN supporting both through the availability of AQORN's 24x7 enterprise support channel. Key features of both editions include deploying general purpose clouds and/or dedicated Swift platforms, hands-free network switch management, cloud usage metrics reporting, enterprise billing management, Active Directory integration and Drag-N-Drop Heat/Hadoop builders. AQORN will debut the software at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver on May 18, 2015.

2015-05-18 11:53:00