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Sardina Systems, an OpenInfra silver member, secures €1.6M funding led by Deepbridge Capital

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Financial support from Deepbridge Capital will speed up the development of innovative technologies in cloud computing and help the company expand to new markets.  

Sardina Systems, an award-winning, leading European cloud OpenStack software company, FishOS developer and distributor, today, 10 August 2021, announced the successful completion of a Series A funding round led by Deepbridge Capital, a UK-based fund manager, via the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS fund. The company has secured €1.2M of the investment, with the total amount for the Series A investment is scheduled to reach €1.6M. This financing will accelerate the company's expansion to global markets of enterprise cloud management software, through intensive product development and the building of an extensive network of channel partners.   Sardina Systems’s FishOS solution is described as the world’s first Zero-Downtime Upgrader for OpenStack and Kubernetes clouds, allowing enterprises to easily access highly scalable and secure cloud environments.   Deepbridge supports investee companies through their proven experience of building growth businesses, involving a network of investors, technology advisors, and industry partners. Matthias Mueller, a Senior Technical Adviser at Deepbridge, is appointed as a new Non-Executive Director representing Deepbridge Capital on the Sardina Systems' Board. Matthias Mueller has more than 30 years of experience in the IT and Systems Integration sector and vast experience in innovation-led technology engineering.  

Kenneth Tan, Executive Director and a founder of Sardina Systems, said: "Being at the stage of a sharp leap of development, Sardina Systems needs additional resources to support its growth and bring benefits to FishOS customers. Thanks to the financial partnership with Deepbridge Capital, we plan to ramp up product development, enhance FishOS with the latest cutting-edge technologies and enlarge our, rapidly growing, channel partner network – providing developers and organizations with access to, amongst other integrated operations tools in FishOS, multi-award-winning AI-powered Health Management and Workload Management, and the world’s first Zero-Downtime Upgrader for OpenStack and Kubernetes clouds. I am delighted to welcome such a highly experienced expert as Matthias to Sardina's Board of Directors. His appointment enriches Sardina's experience and helps the company move forward focusing on its strategic business goals and customers’ success. We are excited about this next stage of Sardina’s growth.”

Matthias Mueller, Non-Executive Director at Sardina Systems representing Deepbridge, added:
“I am delighted to be joining the board of Sardina Systems at this critical stage in their growth journey. At Deepbridge, we are constantly looking for innovative growth-focused companies who have the potential to expand their product(s) into multiple markets, on a global scale. Sardina Systems, with its highly experienced founding team, is a great example of this and I look forward to working with them to help develop the business over the coming years. Sardina Systems is exactly the type of business the UK Government’s Enterprise Investment Scheme is designed to support, being a growth-focused unique technology with global reach.”

About Sardina Systems

Sardina Systems is a leading European operation management software developer and vendor headquartered in the United Kingdom, with a local presence in Germany, Luxembourg, Ukraine, and Russia. FishOS, the brainchild of Sardina Systems, is a private cloud management software platform enabling enterprises to rapidly experience the value of scalable, agile, and flexible OpenStack and Kubernetes clouds while maximizing the utility of their resources with zero-downtime operations. Sardina Systems delivers a full suite of operations management tools and professional services and support that allows its customers to overcome the challenges of large-scale data center operations.
Since 2014, Sardina Systems has significantly expanded its business geography due to the extensive development of the channel partner network. In 2015, FishOS won the IDC HPC Innovation Award. In 2017, Sardina Systems was announced as the best Open Data Center Project and won a DCD Award with FishOS.
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About Deepbridge Capital

Deepbridge Capital aims to redefine the growth capital market by providing private investors with access to opportunities that are sourced, reviewed and managed by its team of sector specialists. Supporting energetic, passionate and knowledgeable management teams, Deepbridge seeks to identify highly innovative companies to grow into highly successful companies, intending to provide optimal returns to investors. As investment specialists in the technology, life sciences and renewable energy sectors, Deepbridge works with investee companies throughout their funding journey with an eye always on producing a suitable exit for investors.
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