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Sardina Systems and PT Boer Technology Partner to Deliver reliable and scalable OpenStack and Kubernetes Cloud Platforms for the Indonesian market

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Cloud technology development made its momentum and it is still on an upward trend. Enterprises around the world started to use cloud technology, whether we are speaking about public or private cloud, as part of their crucial assets in developing businesses. Using such advanced technology the companies will be able to rely on their cloud infrastructure and to be able to rapidly react in an agile manner to the business needs. Such an important part of technology has been made possible by the rapid use of OpenStack and Kubernetes platforms.

In Indonesia, the demand for using cloud infrastructure has been visibly rising in the last period. Btech, an Indonesia tech company, started to look at this opportunity in 2016 and it is now focusing on filling in the gaps of cloud infrastructure development by providing its expertise of cloud infrastructure development and the DevOps culture by giving professionals services and training.

Overseeing that chance for cloud infrastructure development in Indonesia, global solutions, and support distribution for the technological side is a very important strategy. As a global technology company, Sardina Systems is committed to develop and support the cloud infrastructure in Indonesia. Based in Europe, Sardina Systems is an experienced software company providing OpenStack and Kubernetes cloud platforms, with the main focus to implement, operate and upgrade any cloud system for enterprise customers, with their FishOS solution.

FishOS, an open-source product built on OpenStack and Kubernetes, enables the companies to easily build their cloud infrastructure with efficient, flexible and scalable operations, improved performance, and market-unique Zero-Downtime upgrade. Enterprises running Sardina FishOS cloud systems can benefit from no lock-in product, you-own-your-data solution, that is not subject to off-site connectivity risks, and pre-integrated with a suite of automation tools to address reliable full-lifecycle cloud system operations.

In 2020, Sardina Systems and Btech have established their partnership to offer more efficient and reliable solutions to any company looking to rapidly deploy a strong cloud infrastructure, with flexible and efficient operations, without a lock-in vendor, to ultimately enable enterprises to rapidly respond to the business demands.

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