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Sardina Systems announces free technology and services to support OpenStack and Kubernetes systems affected by Coronavirus Lockdown in India

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London, 8th April 2020 — Sardina Systems, a European company providing OpenStack and Kubernetes cloud platforms, is offering Sardina FishOS product and services to help all those affected customers and suppliers with teams in India.

As COVID-19 continues to regrettably spread around the world, affecting large numbers of people and disrupting organizations around the globe, some enterprises are now further at risk with Indian Government having announced nation-wide lockdown, impacting availability of enterprise support teams and suppliers’ support teams in India. 

Sardina Systems would like to help companies to overcome the risks and challenges and would like to contribute to this global effort by offering free deployment services and free FishOS OpenStack software license for 6 months to all businesses, research facilities, government organizations, facing risks of unavailability of their support teams and their suppliers’ support teams in India. 

“During this pandemic time, enterprises need to be able to rely on their cloud infrastructure, to be able to rapidly react in an agile manner to new business needs —  some which may not even have been considered just a mere few weeks ago. Sardina FishOS, built on OpenStack and Kubernetes, is designed for rapid deployments, flexible and efficient operations, to ultimately enable enterprises to rapidly respond to business demands,” said Keith Corless, Director of Business Development, Sardina Systems.

Enterprises running Sardina FishOS cloud systems, built on OpenStack and Kubernetes, can benefit from no lock-in product, you-own-your-data solution, that is not subject to off-site connectivity risks, and pre-integrated with a suite of automation tools to address reliable full-lifecycle cloud system operations. 

“Sardina has a globally distributed team from day zero of the company. We bring the experience and expertise of a team that has operated in such distributed manner over the past 6 years, allowing us to implement, operate and upgrade cloud systems for enterprise customers, with a Sardina FishOS solution to enable higher reliability, improve performance, and upgrade with Zero-Downtime,” said Mihaela Constantinescu, CMO, Sardina Systems.

FishOS, an open-source product, is pre-integrated with a full suite of operations tools to enable efficient, reliable and scalable operations, optimized TCO, and market-unique Zero-Downtime upgrade.  FishOS can be deployed remotely, without necessitating any personnel to be on-site.  

Contact us

If you are representing an organization or a supplier that needs immediate assistance with their OpenStack and Kubernetes cloud platforms contact us at [email protected]. Sardina Systems is ready to help fight COVID-19.

About Sardina Systems

Founded in 2014, Sardina Systems makes infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on enterprise applications and services. FishOS natively converges server, storage, virtualization, and networking into a resilient, software-defined AI-based solution. Optimized performance, cloud flexibility, robust security, for all enterprise applications at any scale.

Sardina Systems has operations in Germany, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and the UK.